St Peter's Eastern Hill

Weddings & Baptisms


St Peter's Eastern Hill is a beautiful and historically significant setting for a wedding. The advantages of getting married at our Church include:

  • A beautiful and historically significant backdrop, including our recently renovated parish hall, which is right next to the church, and which can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests for a reception.

  • A convenient and central location, close to public transport, city amenities and some of Melbourne’s finest public gardens and places of historical interest for photographs.

  • Access to one of the finest choirs and music programmes in Melbourne, which will enhance the beauty of your ceremony.

  • An experienced and caring ministry team that will work with you to create a memorable wedding that celebrates your love and commitment to each other.


Normally, the Vicar of St Peter's (or another member of the ministry team) will officiate at the wedding.

For a wedding in an Anglican church the celebrant must be an Anglican priest, appropriately licensed and registered.

Getting married

Getting married at St Peter’s is an easy, three-step process.

Check the availability of the venue

Check the availability of the church or the parish hall with with the Parish Office: +61 3 9662 2391.

Normally, weddings are not held during Lent (the 40 days before Easter), Good Friday, Holy Saturday or Easter Day.

Although weddings can occur on Sundays, as Sunday is the principal day of worship there are constraints on both venue availability and the availability of celebrants.

Contact the vicar

Contact the Vicar and he can advise you of any special requirements for couples planning to get married within the Anglican church. He can also answer any questions you may have about the ceremony.

organise Music

Music is an important part of the wedding ceremony and St Peter's is a place with a fine musical tradition.

We have two organs and one of the finest choirs in Melbourne. We can also source excellent soloists and instrumentalists on request. The organist and/or choir director will be happy to talk through the music options for your big day.

For more information, please contact our musical director Andrew Raiskums.

Wedding fees

To get married at St Peter’s you’ll need to pay a basic composite fee, which includes the use of the Church, the celebrant, the preparation, one large flower arrangement which stays in the church, the organist and verger and the initial booking fee.

You need to make your payment in full at the parish office at least one month before the wedding. Note, the fee is the same irrespective of the day of the week you choose.

Break-down of costs

The composite fee is $1,750. This includes the non-refundable deposit of $350.00. This fee includes:

  • Participation in the "Prepare" marriage preparation costs a further $50.00 (includes GST).

  • Further flower arrangements can be provided, in consultation with the Flower Guild. For more information, please contact Helen Drummond, 0419 897 973.


Baptism is a sacrament of belonging; a new beginning in becoming a member of Christ's body. We are blessed to welcome infants and adults into the Church throughout the year.

If you would like to be Baptised, or have your child Baptised, please contact the Vicar in the first instance.


Baptismal preparation for infants gives parents and godparents the chance to explore and understand their new responsibility.

Adult baptismal preparation involves one-on-one or group instruction with the Vicar. You can arrange baptismal preparation in your initial discussions with the Vicar.

Godparents and Sponsors

For children or infants who are being presented for baptism, Godparents have an important part to play in the Christian life and nurture of their godchild. They do not need to be Anglican, but they must be baptised themselves, and they should be practising Christians who are worshipping members of a church.

For adults seeking baptism we also require that your sponsor be a baptised Christian who is currently a worshipping member of a church. If you do no currently have a sponsor in mind, the Vicar will be able to suggest some suitable people within our community.


There is no fee for baptism at St Peter's.

Dates for Baptism

Baptism is usually celebrated on a Sunday at Mass. Baptisms at other times usually occur only for very strong pastoral reasons and after discussion with the clergy.

Baptisms are not celebrated at all during Lent (the six weeks prior to Easter) or at any of the Sunday masses during Advent (the four weeks prior to Christmas).

There is a strong historical tradition of baptising children and adults at the Easter Vigil, which occurs on the Saturday before Easter Day. For more information, please contact the Vicar.