Statutory Parish Meeting


There will be two consecutive Statutory Parish Meetings to discuss recent decisions about the tenancies of Keble House. The meetings will be held on Sunday 17th March at 1:00pm and 1:45pm in the Parish Hall. All are welcome to attend. The Archbishop has appointed Bishop Alison Taylor to chair these meetings. For anyone unable to attend these meetings, there will be a further informal meeting on 24th March to discuss these issues.

The first meeting will be held at 1pm on Sunday 17th March, and will discuss the following resolution:

To note the decisions of the Wardens relating to tenancies in Keble House and the paper prepared by the Wardens for Parish Council on that matter.

The paper referred to in the above resolution may be viewed below in the “Parish Warden’s Paper (January P.C.)” section. This resolution is designed to allow a free-flowing discussion about the issues raised in the Wardens' paper, and is designed to allow an 'in principle' debate.
The second meeting is scheduled to start at 1:45pm on Sunday 17th March, and will discuss the following resolution:

With regard to the Wardens’ decision communicated to the parish in the pew sheet on Epiphany Sunday 6 January 2019.

The special parish meeting AGREES with Wardens that:

· the decision has pastoral, property and strategic implications for the community of St Peter’s;
· it is preferable that such a decision be widely consulted; and
· the many on site contributions of Adam Blackmore and David Morrell, long-term residents of 471 Albert Street, will be missed.
The special parish meeting NOTES that:
· the Wardens’ decision is not supported by an assessment of financial impacts or benefits;
· the decision is not envisaged to have a material positive impact on the finances of the parish;
· the viability of the commercial use of 471 Albert Street upstairs, specifically for counselling, is untested and has not been agreed in parish planning;
· co-locating a Vicar’s assistant / pastoral worker on site is an inefficient means of delivering pastoral ministry in a gathered congregation; and
· the Wardens acknowledge the downsides of decision without clearly specifying any advantages to St Peter’s.
The special parish meeting therefore RESOLVES that for the good and peaceful functioning of the parish it is essential that:
· the notices to vacate for both residential tenancies at 471 Albert Street be immediately cancelled;
· the current residents of 471 Albert Street be offered 12 month leases on identical terms to the present;
· the work load and duties of clergy and lay staff of St Peter’s be objectively and examined and assessed in consultation with the parish; and
· strategies for pastoral care be developed in consultation with parishioners.
The special parish meeting URGES Wardens to take immediate action to implement its resolutions.

Parish Warden’s Paper (January P.C.)