Servers’ Guild


Altar servers play an important role in upholding the traditions of our faith. They represent the congregation at the altar of God and assist the celebrant during the Mass.

We’re always looking for people interested in continuing and renewing the traditions of our parish to take on a role in the servers’ guild.

If you’re interested in becoming an altar server, or want to learn more about our traditions at St Peter’s, contact our Head Server, Peter Bryce.

Servers’ guidance notes

The servers’ guidance notes provide detailed information for altar servers about how to serve at Mass.

9.30am Mass

General servers’ notes [PDF 196Kb]
Thurifer [PDF 140kb]

High Mass

Torchbearer [PDF 160Kb]
Acolyte [PDF 50Kb]
Subdeacon [PDF 60Kb]

Evensong and Benediction

General server’s notes [PDF 60Kb]